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Hello, everyone, welcome to the part of my webpage quota that I devoted to diving.

My name is Dominic Humphries, I started scuba diving in 1998 at University, and still haven't been bankrupted by it.

I'm BSAC and TDI trained, my current qualifications are:

I'm the secretary of my local BSAC club, CRABBSAC - Or Crawley Divers, as it's now known.
If you want so send me any feedback/hate mail/whatever about this page, THIS is your best bet.


I'm a persistent presence on several web forums. I go by the name "Dominic Humphries" - no nicknames.

Good grief, looking at that lot, I can see why some people think I'm on the Net too much..


Hard though it may be to believe, even with diving, web surfing and a social life, I've still got some free time occasionally. Something I knocked up in one particularly long period of boredom was my Excel cylinder buoyancy calculator.
It basically calculates how heavy cylinders are in the water, taking into account whether it's full or empty, steel or aluminium, in sea or fresh water... it even takes your breathing mix and working pressure into account. I'm pretty sure the numbers I used are accurate, let me know if you think they aren't.

Another thing I'd like to put here is an article I wrote once, a long while ago, which I seem to keep needing to refer to: The HUB

And here are my thoughts on Pony setups and the Spare Air

I've also written a bit about BCD options.

If you're a beginner looking for advice on buying kit, then you might find it worth taking a look at the kit buying guide I have written for your reference.

My kit

And finally: If you're a diver, I know what you're thinking. "Never mind who he is, or what he does: what kit's he got??"
So, to put you out of your misery: My kit is described fully.

I hope that helped.

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